Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No rest for the wicked...

The numbers from last week:

  • Approximately 270 miles
  • 16 hours of riding
  • 37.2 mph on the River Ride on Saturday (somehow I always get a little push that helps me hang on). A new land speed record for me in a pack in the flats.
  • Hitting in the mid 700s for my sprints (getting higher).

I'm right on track for the Doubles coming up!

On the Personal Front:
Dad is doing well (although he's a little stir crazy). He got a new bike for my birthday (yes, my birthday). It's what I wanted!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breathing Room

Today was the first time in the last few weeks when I feel like I have really been able to catch my breath. Thank Dino for talking some sense into me about taking a day off riding if needed. Quality training is more important than grinding yourself into the ground.

Where do I even start?

My healthy exercising dad had a quintuple bypass surgery the Monday after my Spring Break of fantastic riding. I am so bloody lucky to have pops around. Life is precious (underscore, bold, exclamation point to infinity). It was a good wake-up call and brought the family closer (and Dino and me). I am heading up this weekend to check in on him and get in some good climbing in Grass Valley.

I went down to the Madera Stage race last weekend to support Dino. I still got in over two hours of quality riding. I had soo much fun!! I love seeing the fancy TT bikes (and fantasize about putting Dino on one). I could hardly stand watching the crit I was so anxious (spectators counted 17 flats during the race). Dino had great position until he got a flat and other people in some breaks wouldn't commit. I watched Kyle, my student and friend, pull off a great sprint to win it in the end.

That night I hung out with the Bellas at the Vineyard. I am so happy to be a part of the team. They are tough, beautiful, funny and have the right attitude. We crowded the 35+ podium when the weekend was done and made a good showing with the 4s. After that it was an Italian dinner with Team City-- more neat people even though the food stank (and I'm not that picky).

The road race was hot! The women's 3's got grouped with the 1/2s. As you can imagine they weren't thrilled but did pretty well. Ali from Metromint stayed with them (gosh she's strong this year). I worked the feed zone and road the rollers in the start finish. What a beautiful, fun course! The view of the Sierras was spectacular. It was a really fun weekend.

Now it's time to get some serious miles in before ultra season starts!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Land Park Criterium Pics

I need to work on my game face... savage!