Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Light Ride

Recipe for Holiday Spirit or My Idea for the Perfect Date

  1. Chicago Fire Deep Dish Pizza after a long ride to Winters
  2. Snuggling in the backyard, pre-ride social with my honey
  3. Burrito Racer Cruiser
  4. Midtown Sactown Christmas Lights Extravaganza
  5. A giant horde of Cyclists from all walks on well lit and tinseled beater bikes; ages 0-99?
  6. Grapa stop at the ultimate bike shrine garage
  7. Completely taking over the road and having motorist actually cheer for you

How could it get any better? Next year I want to go all out with the decorations!!

I just needed a kitty in my basket to be the Bella on our jerseys.

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