Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Sacramento's 21st Annual Thanksgiving Ride

Vince rallies the troop and declares "No Racing"!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ride the World Cups #3

Last Saturday, Dino and I made the trip to Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose for Ride the World Cups #3, a benefit for Shelley Olds. People always look at us incredulously when we say we came from Sacramento. Our standard response is that it's a lot more fun than waking up at 5:00 in the morning to race in a corporate business park crit for 45 minutes! We travel 2-4 hours all the time to get to road events.

I had the time of my life! It has to be one of my favorite times at the track. I saw old friends, made some new ones and raced well. Frankie Andreau was a commentator and there were lots of pros in the A's races to watch including Daniel Holloway (Garmin-Chipotle). There were lots of Bellas out to cheer, eat and hang out. We had barbequed eats, the keg of beer and a scrumptous bake sale, with Beth's infamous "Kentucky Derby Pie".

It was impressive to see Hellyer's champs gather in one picture.

The C's had two races, points and scratch. Both times, I tried to get to the front of the line when we went to the rail. That was going to be my strategy for the day-- give everything I had! For the last two years, I've treated track racing as a novelty. I didn't give it the importance of my other races, mostly because I was new to it. This year, I am going to see it differently.

I took fourth in my scratch race-- Larry Nolan said "Good Job, Katie" at the end and I told him "Thanks to you", since he really helped my over the summer. Under Dino's tutelage, I felt totally different sprinting after doing short intervals, speed work and fast pedals. Something has clicked and all my hard work and discipline is paying off.

The scratch race was a kick in the pants! It was my first time behind the moto and honestly, I always wondered "what was the point?" Now, I understand! It adds a whole different element to racing. Who's going to be behind the moto next or attack around it? The answer Saturday was me! I was really aggressive the whole race up front. My major move was attacking when the moto came off with two to go. I held a good gap almost all the way and got passed by two others on the line to end up third place. Later, after Dino analyzed my power meter file, I found out that my cadence was 107. That is pretty good for me! I know that I can do even better than that next time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Veteran's Day

It took the Wheelmen 6 hours to get in 3 hours of riding on Veteran's Day. Not because we were going slow mind you, but because we took an hour and a half for breakfast and stopped at Coffee Republic for a long conversation about important things like the sounds Big Foot makes and the possibility of life outside our universe.

It's been on my mind to pay tribute to my riding buddy Tom Goodwin. The guy is about 50 years older than me and he still hammers with the best of them. He always puts me in a good mood with his wisecracks and infectious optimism. He has traveled all over the world riding and even conquered Alpe d'Huez last summer. I want to ride like him in my 80's.

"Laugh in the morning and ride around the block."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cross Virgin

Bellas looking fly

So, before this weekend I had never been to a cyclocross race before, despite my bike buddies' admonitions and predictions about my ability and passion for cross racin'. The good excuse to go to one was my teammate and track friend Beth Wellie needed a place to crash the night before the race and I thought it'd be fun to cheer for Bella Marian and her. We had fun hanging out and my cat Chinook fell for her. Plus I really wanted to see my friend Sarah Maile in her full glory. The host club Rio Strada was all abuzz on a smokin' River Ride about the race the next day and I wanted to see Rich, Sarah's husband in action organizing the event in Discovery Park.

Rich giving instructions

It was a triple crown event for me!

Beth led the B's in the NCNCA cup up to that point and brought home another win for Velo Bella. Awesome!!!!

Wellie Poodeeum

My friend Linda Elgart won the master's women's race.
Linda Poodeeumm

I was so nervous when Sarah didn't show up for roll call in the A's race. Her hubby was yelling for her. She was waiting for the loudspeaker! Luckily she made it in time and had a little trouble getting in her pedals (as she told me later). She made it around the pack to make it first to the corner. After that it was all style. She looks so graceful and beautiful on her bike. It made the course look easy, although she never let up and her relentless pace that kept over minute gap in the field at times.
Sarah Poodeeum!!! A's race

I don't know why they put the podium under this big tree. It really made it hard to get good shots.

Other highlights included getting to see Ned Overend race and borrowing Miss Mary's Kona cross bike (thank you Miss Mary!!!) to take a lap for fun! I can say that Cross racing is really fun. I can't see myself getting into it right now, with my extra time and energy going into Track Racing! But who knows in the future?

Thursday, November 6, 2008


The Old Me (1999?)

After (2001-2008)

You gotta love bike riding. Sometimes I forget how heavy I was. (Yeah, Weight Watchers is pretty awesome too).

8 more lbs until I'm at race weight! I've lost 6 so far (holding steady, but I'm sure there's some muscle there).