Monday, February 18, 2008

Norlund Construction, Inc. Corporate Criterium (Say that three times fast)

Flibbity Floooooo....
Luckily, I kept the rubber side down despite gravel trucks parked on the course. It was a violent swirling of STRONG cat 3/4 women with 90 degree corners. Man, it was time to get my crit grove back on after the crash at Timpani last year. It was bunchie bunchie the whole time. I never got into a rythmn.

I moved up, got shuffled back, moved up, sprinted after the soon-to-be-upgraded at the bell, moved up, got shuffled back. Want to steal a wheel, sure go ahead! Want to sneak by me on the inside before a corner, sure go ahead! Argh! April, my teammate, reminds me of myself last year-- strong, works hard, go get it attitude. She was great at keeping the pace up front.

I was very proud of my sprint at the end. I flew around a lot of people and pulled off my highest watts of the season. I had some real fear that needed to be squelched by the Crit Boss Attitude that I felt last year. I have the power and the skills. Everything is coming together... All the ingredients are there and developing nicely (equipment, training, support, skills, mental ability).

I have to admit that I was dissapointed by my results (probably 12th out of 25?). I got a little spoiled last after beating up on the Cat 4 fields... Chalk it up to experience and move on. This year I am going to learn a lot.

Off to the Snelling Road Race next weekend.

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