Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Zamora Bariani Road Race: Women's 1/2/3

We arrived at 6:30 and the north gale of frozenness was a blowin! I saw so many riders quitting early. but Dino looked so strong. He stayed with the pack and chase groups the two times I saw him (most watchers were waiting in cars to stay warm, including myself). I managed to get out a few times to watch him.

None of us cared much about warming up for our race in the howling frozen wind. I was happy to see four of my teammates, who worked the field pretty well.

I didn't have much hope at the start, being that I'm a big girl who doesn't race well up hills (although I have a serious love affair with hills and do pretty well over distance). I can't say I'm a bad climber, I just don't weigh 100 lbs.

My goal for the day was to hang in there as much as possible and have fun. It's such a pastorally gorgeous course: Little birdies tweeting, green rolling hills, sunshine, grape wines, sheep running, and the beautiful Bariani Olive Oil Plant of course. They rule. We are so lucky to have them. I wish I would have won the olive oil prime.

Anyhoo-- It was slow going into the wind. I had to bridge up twice in the first lap which took a lot of energy. There was one ride who kept making aggressive moves up, then would gap us out. Argh.

I ended up doing probably too much work for the chase groups that ensued, but I did a lot better than expected. I spent the last lap alone. At that point, I was riding for Kristy, myself and the promise of an In-N-Out cheeseburger (I had to burn at least 1500 calories).

I had a change of attitude after Snelling-- my first rest stop on some Doubles is at mile 50. Why quit a road race 30 miles in? I loved seeing Dino at the Start/Finish every time (although I tried not to oogle too much). I finished 33 out of 37 starters.

It was a great day.


Chris said...

Good job on hanging in there. The few times I have quit a race I am always mad at myself for a week or so afterwards.

Sacwheelgirl said...

I think you're right Chris! I think I used to be bothered by big fields passing me. Now I don't really care about it as much.