Monday, November 10, 2008

Cross Virgin

Bellas looking fly

So, before this weekend I had never been to a cyclocross race before, despite my bike buddies' admonitions and predictions about my ability and passion for cross racin'. The good excuse to go to one was my teammate and track friend Beth Wellie needed a place to crash the night before the race and I thought it'd be fun to cheer for Bella Marian and her. We had fun hanging out and my cat Chinook fell for her. Plus I really wanted to see my friend Sarah Maile in her full glory. The host club Rio Strada was all abuzz on a smokin' River Ride about the race the next day and I wanted to see Rich, Sarah's husband in action organizing the event in Discovery Park.

Rich giving instructions

It was a triple crown event for me!

Beth led the B's in the NCNCA cup up to that point and brought home another win for Velo Bella. Awesome!!!!

Wellie Poodeeum

My friend Linda Elgart won the master's women's race.
Linda Poodeeumm

I was so nervous when Sarah didn't show up for roll call in the A's race. Her hubby was yelling for her. She was waiting for the loudspeaker! Luckily she made it in time and had a little trouble getting in her pedals (as she told me later). She made it around the pack to make it first to the corner. After that it was all style. She looks so graceful and beautiful on her bike. It made the course look easy, although she never let up and her relentless pace that kept over minute gap in the field at times.
Sarah Poodeeum!!! A's race

I don't know why they put the podium under this big tree. It really made it hard to get good shots.

Other highlights included getting to see Ned Overend race and borrowing Miss Mary's Kona cross bike (thank you Miss Mary!!!) to take a lap for fun! I can say that Cross racing is really fun. I can't see myself getting into it right now, with my extra time and energy going into Track Racing! But who knows in the future?


teamwelliver said...

Thanks for the host housing! I almost took Chinook home with me, but you guys came back before I could sneak him out of the house.

Dino Dante said...

He would not make a good Air Force brat. He keeps odd hours.