Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hellyer Track & Burlingame Criterium

On Saturday I went to the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose. It was a blast. I took the beginner session ($5) which lasted about four hours. Riding a fixed gear in a closed environment is a lot of fun. My favorite was the Australian Pursuit-- were everyone spreads out at the rail (top) of the velodrome. If someone passes you, you are out of the race. The officials yelled "out of the pool" or "off the ice!". It was like a roller coaster for bikes. You use the banking to speed up and slow down. My brother Logan would love it. I attatched video so you could get a sense of it. We had about 35 people and 5 mentors.

Today I raced at the Burlingame Criterium (Just south of the airport in San Fran). It was in a cute little downtown area with some technical corners. I had one teammate in my race, but she wasn't very strong. I did the same as the last race-- worked my way to the front and held off any attacks. It was a lot faster than the last race though. I made my personal best for wattage. I won a prime worth $25 and got third place overall in a field of 35! They had a podium ceremony and there were a lot of spectators. I got a nice prize bag including a bianchi t-shirt, bianchi pump, dura-ace 10 spd chain (worth $60), protech skin care sunscreen, a dura-ace hat, CO2 cartidge, and some coupons for free lip stuff. I think it totals to about $120 worth of stuff. YAY!!!
It was a lot of driving, but luckily the events were in the morning, so the traffic wasn't that bad and I got home early to rest. Today was a great day!

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