Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday Breakfast Ride

Katie Norton Grade Part III

Who: Sacramento Wheelmen Thursday Away Crew
Where: Auburn, Bowman Park and Ride to Beyond Dutch Flat up Norton Grade
What: 72 miles with 5500' of climbing

The History:
2002: 1989 Univega with Downtube shifters and no climbing gears = epic and excruciating, fear of not making it

2005: 2004 Felt F55 triple + 1 flat that took 30 minutes to fix+ 90 degrees = hard work and fun with good friends

2007: 2006 Felt 3C Carbon compact double + powertap + racing = a long beautiful ride with lots of climbing and my good friends including Tom Goodwin, 82 years old (team old go fast)

Today is a rest day! Off to the track on Saturday to try out my new toy-- Bianchi Pista Track Bike!!!! Burlingame Criterium Sunday.

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