Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not the Perfect Cycling Weekend...

Can I Make a New Year's Resolution in October?
So I'm cruising up the bike trail, spinning like I'm supposed to, all ready to put in 3-4 hours of riding. Doing my share of pulling for a change and what happens? After about and hour and a half, I'm drafting the boyfriend up the bike trail and before I can even tell what happens I go into his back wheel. He magically stays up and has no marks at all. A dog on leash went across a narrow part of the trail and he sat up. I don't know where my mind was or how it happened. I mean, I know the whole part about looking up the trail etc. I was so frustrated. I banged up my right hand and got a pretty good bruise on my left ankle. I trashed my bar tape, screwed up my front shifter a little and bent a spoke on boyfriend's wheel. I don't think I'm a bad cyclist, but sometimes I can be a total airhead. DAngIt!!!! We limp home and Dino spends time getting the bikes back in running shape. It's just not right. I'm grateful that I bounce back after these things but they have happened with more frequency this year. Maybe I need to quiet the mind...

Sunday Went Down the Toilet
So I have a leaky shut off valve thingy on one of my toilets. The saga started about 11:00 in the morning, about an hour after getting out of bed. Again the boyfriend saves the day. I was all prepared to try it myself with him in the background just in case (I didn't want to do it on my own) and he jumps in with his magic touch & mechanical mind. Three trips to the hardware store later, and the leak is much better and the toilet can be used again. It's a good thing, since it's been a thing on the list to get done before going to Death Valley.

The Future
It was 4:30ish and two foot ball games later when we were done. I thought about getting on the bike. My body feels stiff and sore and I don't feel very peppy. I still have that nagging training nazi in my head saying you need to get out there. I'm glad it's there. It's what makes me better. It's easier to dismiss for one day now. I know I have the fitness and ability to rock the Death Valley Double. That's what experience has taught me. Days down the toilet happen. The body is more resilient than we think. There will be a lot of future rockin' cycling weekends.

The independent woman in me wants to be self-sufficient and hates needing help. I can be pretty proud and stubborn, but sometimes you just have to say "Thank You" to the man in your life. One thing for sure, the boyfriend should get a medal, "best all around". How did I get so lucky?


Beth said...

you're not lucky- you're both lucky! you two are the best.

i have been a mechanical disaster the last month too. i think it is something in the air. that or the road bike gods are mad that i stopped using a derailleur and now that i came crawling back they are trying to make me pay. (literally and figuratively) take care. you going to the VB halloween cx clinic? hope so! i'll be there.

Sacwheelgirl said...

Thanks Beth!

Those finicky road bikes. "Oh my chain is dirty, I'm going to act up now. I need attention. Wah!". Makes me appreciate track bikes even more.