Saturday, May 24, 2008

Golden State Criterium

It's been a long week. I jumped right back into my normal bike/teach/drive cycle without pause after the Davis Double. I did suprisingly well recovering considering everything I do. About Tuesday I decided to sign up for today's local crit.

Rolling out of bed this morning, I got a shocker looking out the window. RAIN!!! You've got to be kidding after last week's scorcher. I thought about riding over but felt like the trainer might be a warmer and more consistent warm-up.

I was happy to see my teammate April looking fly in her Bella kit. I missed having Dino with me. We were both a little more nervous with the rain and the 180 put into the course. We had a nice field of mostly experienced 3s in our 3/4 field of about 25 so it turned out to be pretty safe in the rain. We had a couple of crashes, but no one was taken out too badly.

The four Metromint girls were active as usual and there were some good attacks that made it more interesting. They are fun to watch. I spent most of the time up front guarding and chasing attacks. I focused on staying up front, especially through the 180.

There were three girls who attacked through the final corner and I couldn't quite get on a wheel. I ended up getting 4th place. April was behind me at 8th place. One of the Metromints who won the blueberry prime generously shared them while we waited for the results. After a mediocre start to the season, it was nice to have my form back. I think the rest of the season is going to be great.


dino dante said...

Congratulations! I'm sooooo proud of you. Sorry I wasn't there to see it, I'll try not to let it happen again.

Chris said...

Good job on your 4th!

Beth said...

yay! CONGRATS KATIE! that is totally awesome. hopefully i will get some balls & motivation to do another crit and will see you! or you come to track! i miss you and dino!!!