Sunday, May 4, 2008

Whut's Crackin'?

Buy now... Pay Later!
Wednesday brought me some great sprint #s (in the 800s). Then on the Thursday south river ride I died a slow painful death, sucking wheel as if it were my last breath.

Coolest 24 hour/Lake Loop Virgin
Friday I stocked up on Groceries to feed the cycling calorie consuming machines. Saturday I rode up to Cool via Salmon Falls Climb to witness my first ultra mountain bike race-- The Coolest 24 hours! It was a party! I heard soo many people say "Hey Bella!" and "Go Velo Bella!". I saw Yvette C. who I haven't seen forever in a team relay for 24 hours. I saw Marion J. line up with the 8 hour group. We saw each other grinned and I said "I didn't know you were going to be here!". She said "I didn't either!" I was happy to cheer my lungs out at her start. There were lots more friends to see including the awesome Brad C. and Dezi! It was a great way to get 101 miles in. It was my first time doing the Folsom Lake Loop (hard to believe considering all the times I have ridden the different parts).

Back to Back Benjamins
Today was another 101 miles off to Davis and then up to the lake. I felt okayish. We saw some people riding up to Folsom on Penny Farthings and one unicycle. There are some interesting people on the parkway. I was toast by the end but had Bandera Cluck and Moo for dinner which made it all worth it.

Why all the miles? It's May!

Dino is going to take it all!! Yeah baby!

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