Monday, September 24, 2007

Pioneer Trail

Saturday I rode part of the Pioneer Trail with my brother and Dino. It is the perfect trail for someone like me-- strong legs, stubborn but lacking the mtn. biking gene which allows one to relax and flow over the bumps. As usual I made all of the mistakes I normally do after spending months off the mtn. bike. Some things I've learned but always forget:

1. Do not brake before every obstacle.
2. Do not overgear before steep climbs and stall (for goshsakes you have track sprinter legs!!)
3. Don't forget to breath and relax the upper body.
4. Mtn. Bikes do not turn like 16lb. carbon fiber road bikes in criterium-- you have to turn the handle bars vs. lean hard
5. Everyone makes mistakes mtn. biking-- that's what makes it fun. There is such thing as a "do over" in mtn. biking, unlike the anal sport of road racing. Nothing like a good mtn. bike ride to remind you that you are a mortal and two wheels are about having FUN and not taking things too seriously.

It was raining lightly for the whole ride. I kept expecting members of the House of Flying Daggers to descend from the trees-- beautiful misty tall pines. The smell was wonderful. The climb was fine. The descent chilly. We made it 8 miles and turned around. I was starting to get spooked-- more technical, more wet, ack!! Luckily the boys were fine with turning around.

On a personal note, I had fun watching of my naturally athletic brother and stupendous boyfriend. They are really fun to mtn. bike with-- the whole ride+++ maybe make it to the lake at the end???? are a "do over" I hope.

Here's the map:

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Beth said...

hi katie- i found you! :) i hope you are feeling better after the timpani crash - yucko! i've missed you at the track for sure. you and dean should come tomorrow for the last points race! they are tons of fun and really looooooong- how you like 'em! :) miss you! :)