Saturday, November 24, 2007

Annual Sac Thanksgiving Day Ride

I thought I was a little crazy for waking up at 6:30 on a holiday to venture out into the freezing cold (35 degrees). But apparently, I wasn't the only one with a screw loose. I had been warned about this ride-- raging testosterone, brutal attacks on the dirt section, and flats galore.

When we arrived at Bella Bru I saw a lot of familiar faces; river riders, the coffee republic crowd and some old friends. After a photo and warning from Vince about "not wanting to race", we rolled out with about 100 riders. It had to be a sight to see!

Somehow, most of the group stayed together through the rolling hills south east of sac. One of the things I LOVE about road riding is being whisked along in a big pack. I love the sounds, the colors, the speed and seeing the herd flow along the road like a school of fish.There were no Gwavel Twucks on White Wock Woad fortunately. Not that many people could do anything about our critical mass display. It stayed social and nicely paced, although I was dying towards the end. D-know did point out to me that I should have eaten another cliff bar.

I discovered a new favorite! Christmas flavored Gu (mint-chocolate). Yummy! For every box you buy, 10% is donated to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Pictures to come!

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