Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday Night Points Race at the Track

I was so excited to get back on the track after being away since August. The trip out there seems to get shorter as I get more familiar with the drive to San Jose. We got there a little after 3:00 and set up the mother of all chairs (seriously, it's like a portable couch). We had two hours to warm up and mess around as old friends filtered in.

It was a fund raiser for locals Dave McCook and Shelley Olds get to four UCI World Cup Track races. Shelley's mom and dad had free barbeque and a keg of Boont Amber Ale. The DJ played lots of classic funk mixed in with other great tunes. I brought about four dozen oatmeal cookies.

Almost nobody signed up for the B's race, so most of them moved up or down. The start of the C's race was really fast. I tried to follow the attack from the start and got dropped. Luckily, after the first sprint, things regrouped-- after all it was a 50 lap race. The second sprint proved fatal to me. The D.J. played AC/DC's "Shot Down in Flames" (how appropriate). I waited up for them to lap me so I could latch back on thanks to the relaxed format of the race. By then the race had blown apart. After that I settled into a pace I could hold. It was great to have some Bellas out cheering me on. I kept hearing the announcer saying Dino's name-- he was a lone wolf chasing down the leaders-- One of the few who didn't get lapped. I think he ended up second in points even with the little gear he put on to make it fair racing with us C's.

After that, we watched McCook, Shelley and Mike Hernandez toy with the A's for 100 laps while we chowed down on BBQ and hung out. It was a great night.

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