Monday, November 19, 2007

Test 1... uh...Is this thing on?

Another great weekend in happy cycling land.

was Powertap testing on the canal free of cars. It's kind of like a video game where you are trying to beat your best score: Go as hard as you can for five minutes, 1 minute, add some sprints. The weather was unbelievably warm. I can feel the benefit of the killer interval workouts on the trainer. I like having the feedback of a great coach and numbers. Otherwise, it's so subjective. Why is it that you can feel horrible and crank out the numbers some days?

Pioneer trail on the mountain bike (part duex). My fears subsided after finally getting the pedals dialed in so that I could be confident in clicking out. I still managed a slow speed fall complete with sound effects (umph). So beautiful and fun. We managed to make it to the horse campground, about 32 miles round-trip. We'll get to the end eventually.

On another topic... Can you relate? (and there's more in the cupboard)

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