Wednesday, July 23, 2008

August Races?

Now What?
When I look at the race calendar, I think about the following things: How far away is it? How much energy do I have? Will I have any teammates there? Will I get my butt kicked? I'm trying to figure out where I want to go from here this season.

At this point, I feel like I have learned a lot this year. I don't feel to hung up on doing any one race. I don't feel too disheartened after my DNF on the Terrible Two (I found out that only 140/250 people finished), but it made me want to focus on a new direction of sprinting instead of hill climbing. I have lots of base miles to keep going strong. Points racing on Tuesdays at the track has kept things fresh and fun.

Possible Races:

Carrera de San Rafael 8/9-- It's the Saturday after we get back from camping, if we haven't ridden our legs off! 1:35 min drive in the evening. W 3/4 race at 2:45 and W 1/2/3 race at 6:50. Lots of cash and prizes. Not in the Cal Cup It's the same day as Patterson Pass. I've never done it before.

The Esparto TT (W 1/2/3) is the next day. Esparto was a fun experience last year and I'd like to get more chances to TT in the future. I don't think I'll do that well. I could pick either the Carrera or Esparto. Right now I feel like the Carrera is more where I'm at since I've done the points races. Cal Cup Race.

Dunnigan Hills Road Race 8/16. I'd like to keep the energy level up for the next day, but this course isn't too too demanding. Long flat rollers. I'm not sure what categories they are offering right now. Last year I think they had seperate women's categories. I got 3rd place in the W4's last year. Nice and close to home. Cal Cup Race.

Suisuin Crit 8/17 (W 1/2/3)-- Back in the saddle for this baby! Last time I got dropped on the first lap as an unattatched 4 who was having trouble getting in her cleats. It was an open women's field in the Cal Cup. Doh! It will be nice to hang with that one. Cal Cup Race.

Winters Road Race 8/31 -- A fun course close to home on familiar roads. It was my first road race back in 2005 and I had a great time. Rollers and one short power climb/ technical descent. I would get to say hello to Kyle's Camel. Cal Cup Race.

Help Me Decide? What races do you consider fun? What do you think of the Carerra? To TT or not to TT?

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bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I like the Carrera, but I'll be doing Nats that weekend. I think a lot of big dogs (VAC, Proman, Tibco)will be, too, which means that it will probably be wider open than most high-profile big-money crits. The climb isn't that long.

Definitely always do local courses! The Winters hill doesn't like me very much so I might just mentor that one. I <3 Dunnigan Hills.

Never done Suisun so I have no opinion...