Monday, July 7, 2008

One happy cyclist again...

What have I been doing since the Terrible Two?

1. The Monday Night River Ride--
Pain, suffering, wind and camaraderie. Who will be the next king or queen of the freeway overpass?

2. Tuesday Points Racing at Hellyer Velodrome-
"As long as I breath, I attack." Bernard Hinault

Four bellas + cookie primes + repeated attacks = the team wins (Erika)! It's really hard to have more fun on the bike. Friday night racing is sponsored by the team. The Beergarten Beladrome! Dino smashed the B's race by lapping the field and earning 46 points.

3. Davis 4th of July Criterium--
"If you brake, you don't win." Mario Cipollini

I decided to race with the 3/4s considering the pro field signed up. It was fast, competitive and surprisingly safe. No crashes in our field. Last time there were four (with myself involved). I was nervous and let gaps build in the corners, but once I started spinning and relaxed, it was more fun. April and I finished mid-pack. I met my goal of just doing it again and keeping the rubber to the road.

4. The Saturday River Ride--
The boys were tired after racing on Friday, so there were some unusual breaks in the speed. No one was too froggy. I kept up just fine.

Racey! Racey! Yeah baby (ala Austin Powers).

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